Friday, February 20, 2015

SimLau Isles - Beta Version 2 Now Available

SimLau Isles is basically built in and now it is up for testing!  There is still a lot or two needing built, but overall this world is ready to enjoy  :)

The strip in the city island 

Wedding viewpoint from a club on the beach 

Another view

Oahu Hills from afar 

Gym in the town area

Residential areas 

Executive club on the beach

Condos with two balconies there on the left 

Picture of the several port locations 

Poolside club

Junk yard

Some store stuff is used, like the basketball hoops

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

SimLau Continues!

So I am back to work on SimLau Isles.  I had taken a bit of a break because there was just, well just felt like there was a lot yet to complete.  But progress is back underway and here are some screenshots of how it continues to come together!  :)

Several ports are setup like this. 

The Maui Boardwalk - several shops, fire department, etc.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

SimLau Isles - Filled In :)

One request that I get a lot is a world that is like Isla Pardiso only - of course without all of the glitches and lagging!  Awhile ago I updated SimLau Isles for Island Paradise and getting into it reminded me of how pretty it was and of the vision I had for this world.  I had started renovating it and filling it in and then forgot about it... and then started again.  I basically started over so I could have new lot sizes and make the scenery more lush, as well as add that light blue to the water to give that tropical feel.  Here is what I have completed thus far...

Front view of the city island, these lots are all completed and filled in and not just the shell.  

View of the city with Oahu Hills in the background.

The hospital on the residential island 

The two docks that are on the back of the city island.

Another view from the sea.

And again.

Two modern houses that are on the city island - they are not furnished yet.

The Maui Boardwalk on the Oahu Hills island.... groceries and books and spa.

Two community lots on the Maui Boardwalk - not furnished yet.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

What Is Up Next? My Sim-spiration = Catalina Isles

So with two worlds updated fully with a brand new look, I have to admit that I do not feel very inclined at this moment to revisit older worlds.  This is not to say that I will not, but the other day at a friend's house I saw a picture from a vacation that she took to the Catalina Islands - and I was totally inspired!  I decided to run with it and start a new world.  I took the base map that was Rosewood Hills since it had the land perfectly centered already and worked out to not look like an island.  Here are the pictures that I have acquired for my inspiration and it is my current project...

Lots of houseboats will be pre-placed in this world too!

Lots of beach areas in this world!

These will be little starter homes.  

So, it looks like an island here but you won't really see that it is a big island.  

Houses close together with not a whole lot of yard space, stacked up like this.

This will be a resort - just love this building!

Not as many trees as I usually use.

Another view of that resort.... 

Love the two "hooks" there

This is a casino / resort!

Another view... 

So as you can see from below, there are the two main "hooks" which I am starting with and here is the first.  There will be several shops and then there will be four ports there off of the island area.  

As you can see new colors than I usually use.  I really wish there were more trees to choose from, so at this time using the standard oak trees.  Anyway that is it for now.  I was just excited and wanted to share what I was up to!